MCI, Peter Pan mark milestone with 25-coach order

This year marks a major milestone for Peter Pan Bus Lines and Motor Coach Industries (MCI). Both are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year. 


They are also commemorating a half-century relationship with a big transaction. MCI has announced delivery plans for 25 new clean-diesel J4500 coaches to Peter Pan. MCI delivered the first ten motor coaches to the bus operator in January, spurring the order for 15 additional vehicles signed for at the American Bus Association’s Marketplace and BusWorld North America held in Detroit Feb. 4-7.

Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Peter Pan is one of the largest privately owned bus companies in the United States, operating a fleet of more than 200 coaches and delivering over 1,000 daily departures to more than 100 destinations across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

This announcement coincides with a significant milestone for both companies: celebration of their 90th anniversary. Peter Pan and MCI were both founded in 1933 and have supported one another for half a century.

“We are true-blue MCI,” said Peter A. Picknelly, CEO and third-generation owner of Peter Pan, one of the industry’s most prominent family-owned motorcoach companies. “We started with the MC-8 in 1974, and since the 1980s, our fleet has been exclusively MCI.”

Working together for decades

The scheduled service and charter company was among the first operators to buy the popular DL model (MCI D4505) when it was introduced in 1993. When MCI launched the all-new J4500 in 2001, Peter Pan was the first operator to place a 12-coach order. Peter Pan has counted on MCI’s reliability since, ordering new vehicles annually except for the COVID-19 pandemic period in 2020 and 2021.

“MCI is a real workhorse,” added Picknelly. “The J4500 is great for our line runs, and our charter customers enjoy its curb appeal and spacious interior. MCI has been a good partner. We are pleased with their service and access to parts.”

The new motorcoaches are equipped with advanced safety features, modern amenities and eco-friendly technology, demonstrating MCI’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Passengers will enjoy a comfortable travel experience on the state-of-the-art motor coaches, featuring the transportation provider’s signature interiors and 54-passenger seating configuration, providing a luxurious interior with best-in-class legroom.

“Our productive partnership with Peter Pan spans a half-century. Over this time, MCI earned Peter Pan’s trust and confidence in the reliability of our vehicles, backed up by excellent service and aftermarket support,” said Brent Maitland, Vice President of MCI Private Sector Sales and Marketing. “Our J4500 coach has gone through several evolutions since its market launch, and feedback from Peter Pan has been instrumental to MCI’s continuous improvement. The Peter Pan team strives to upgrade its fleet with the newest and the best vehicles, but not at the expense of reliability.”

“As MCI nears 100 years in the industry, we will keep our J4500 at the forefront of our product portfolio while offering reliable support to help operators like Peter Pan continue to be industry leaders,” added Maitland.

In addition to Peter Pan’s recent announcement of management promotions, Peter A. Picknelly and the late Tom Picknally have four of their children (the fourth generation) actively involved in operations. Each generation brings its unique talents to Peter Pan. Recent advancements include digital technology, with nearly 85% of all ticketing and charter sales now transacted online.

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