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The North American bus industry has a critical need for timely and meaningful news, information and analysis. It also desperately needs a strong and aggressive voice that informs, educates and advocates. In short, it demands a newspaper — and complementary Web site — that reports today’s actions, events, ideas and issues immediately — not two, four or six months from now.
Enter Bus & Motorcoach News

Bus & Motorcoach News is the most important and innovative publication and marketing tool to enter the bus industry in 25 years.

The United Motorcoach Association launched Bus & Motorcoach News with the goal of making it the premier news and information source for the commercial bus and motorcoach industry. When there is a merger, acquisition, expansion, new product, government action or other development, Bus & Motorcoach News has it in print first. When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the U.S. Department of Transportation announce important policy decisions, readers of Bus & Motorcoach News have it reported and interpreted for them immediately.

In other words, news and information is king in a Bus & Motorcoach News — not fluff, features and photos. Fresh, meaningful and useful news. Compelling information and analysis.

Other important elements also distinguish Bus & Motorcoach News. First is its format. It is published in a tabloid-size, roughly 10-by-13 inches. Next, The Docket newsletter, with its meaty regulatory and government news, is a cornerstone of Bus & Motorcoach News. For years, The Docket had the highest reader loyalty and longest shelf life of any publication in the industry.

Why Bus&Motorcoach News?

For years, there was a major informational vacuum in the commercial bus industry. The industry was the only segment of transportation that didn’t have its own newspaper. The United Motorcoach Association was uniquely positioned to fill that vacuum. UMA publishes an unvarnished, unbiased, all-encompassing newspaper that fulfills the same news and advocacy function for the motorcoach industry that Transport Topics does for the trucking industry.

Cost-effective Marketing Tool

From the start, Bus & Motorcoach News has been the industry’s best advertising tool — a unique, cost-effective, high-impact publication. It has quality readership; the kinds of individuals advertisers want to reach.

It is targeted to owners, top executives, senior managers and other key personnel (purchasing managers, maintenance directors, etc.) of leading commercial bus operations across the U.S. and Canada. Advertising in Bus & Motorcoach News is aggressively priced to compete with (and beat) the trade magazines and direct mail. The low cost structure of the newspaper allows it to offer ad rates that are measurably less than the trade magazines, even the low-price leaders. And it offers twice the number of monthly impressions. In other words, readers see an advertiser’s message twice in one month, not once like the magazines. That means the advertiser’s message is reinforced more often.

There are special rates for new advertisers. Don’t miss out on the excitement. Don’t miss the reach and the impact. Don’t miss out on Bus & Motorcoach News.

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Download the 2018 Editorial Calendar

Download the Media Kit for 2018