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WASHINGTON - If federal regulators succeed in raising the minimum required liability insurance on passenger coaches to $10 million, or possibly even $25 million, it would have a chilling effect on small operators, as well as individuals trying to enter the business, industry executives contend.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been pushing to raise the minimum level of liability coverage required on buses and big rigs by sometime next year, claiming it would increase commercial vehicle safety.

Some have speculated the FMCSA will seek to double the requirement for motorcoaches...

EVERYWHERE - The inevitability of federally mandated electronic logging devices already has sunk in for a handful of motorcoach operators.

While comments filed with the feds this past summer suggest many carriers and their drivers would rather park their vehicles than comply with the looming Big Brother mandate, early adopters of the technology say it's not that bad.

In fact, they like it.

"It has been outstanding. We are very pleased with it," reports Jeff Polzien, president of Red...

DETROIT - The nation's car builders, which dealt the bus industry a huge blow in the 1950s and 60s when they put unprecedented numbers of Americans behind the wheel of autos, are threatening the industry again with their super aggressive marketing.

This year they are offering big discounts, plus six- or seven-year loans, in some cases, to buyers who would have been turned down in the past, to attract millions to their showrooms and get them in the driver's seat.

The auto industry is pushing...

NEW YORK - In an era of lackluster or no growth for many small businesses, any increase in costs is unwelcome news.

And, so it is with group health insurance premiums.

While the pace of premium increases for employee healthcare coverage appears to have slowed in many parts of the country, any rise in premiums still represents a challenge for lots of small firms.

Which may...

NEW YORK CITY - Academy Express has wrapped up the purchase of two of the city's major motorcoach operators, Go Bus and MCIZ Corp., which is the No. 1 supplier of charter buses to the New York City Department of Education.

The two companies operated under the names Go Buses and Video Tours.

Academy Express is a subsidiary of Academy Bus of Hoboken, N.J., the largest family-owned coach company...

SAN FRANCISCO - With hacker attacks on computer systems raging on, no business is too tiny for cybercriminals to see as a potential lucrative target.

Yet, security for smaller companies is a real challenge.

Any small-business owner is by definition a jack-of-all-trades, but a deep understanding of computer security is seldom among those skills.

"Trying to protect your company's data...

By Dave Millhouser

Perched at 8,000 feet up 14,200-foot Mount Princeton west of Colorado Springs, our garage was a major improvement over the first place I worked as a mechanic.

That was in my boss's gravel driveway, with extension cords running out a window for electricity and corrugated cardboard as a creeper.

The improved facility was long enough to get in...


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