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In the half-dozen years since the Great Recession, the motorcoach industry has experienced a general, if uneven, recovery, but sales of new motorcoaches have yet to return to pre-2008 levels.

Bus & Motorcoach News asked the three largest motorcoach manufacturers/distributors -- ABC Companies/Van Hool, Motor Coach Industries/Setra and Prevost/Volvo -- how parts sales have been trending.

Among other things, we wanted to learn whether the moderate sales pace of new coaches has meant that operators are spending more on maintenance and replacement parts to...

TOLEDO, Ohio - Was it just a coincidence or could it be that an old industry nemesis has struck again?

Around the middle of last month, a loaner motorcoach was stolen from the MCI Service Center in Des Plaines, Ill.

The circumstances were similar to earlier bus thefts: It was an older model coach stolen after hours, and it wasn't recovered within a few days, as it likely would have been if it had been taken by a joyrider.

Finally, it occurred...

SACRAMENTO - Forcing the exhaust of an old diesel engine through a brand-new filter, like pushing 10 pounds of flour into a five-pound bag, probably will make a mess.

Truck, motorcoach and school bus operators in California say they are facing such a dilemma in running older diesel engines with retrofitted diesel particulate filters (DPF) mandated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

In 1998 the board identified diesel particulate matter as the source...

BOSTON - Fung Wah, the discount bus operator that was shut down two years ago for safety violations, may close for good after losing its pick-up and drop-off spot in Boston.

The pioneering low-fare operator, which ran buses between Manhattan's Chinatown and Boston for nearly 20 years, was granted federal authority late last year to resume operations. (See Jan. 15 Bus & Motorcoach...

WINDSOR, Ontario - A yet-to-be-built bridge linking Detroit and Windsor will be named after hockey icon Gordie Howe.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder made the announcement in Windsor recently alongside three of Howe's children.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge, a project that will cost $2.1 billion, will be the...

By Christian Riddell
Motorcoach Marketing Council

What if I told you there was a type of marketing that costs next to nothing, that nearly all your potential customers use, that has been proven to deliver real results, that by using it you could know without a shadow of a doubt if it is working, and that studies have shown can deliver more than $40 for...

With the motorcoach industry facing a shortage of drivers, operators across the country say they are working harder than ever to hold onto good drivers.

They are using an array of strategies to keep their experienced people behind the wheel, including incentives that aren't based on money alone.

In fact, many operators contend that adding more to...


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