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Misclassifying coach drivers as independent contractors

A federal appeals court ruling that FedEx misclassified 2,300 drivers as independent contractors -- instead of as employees -- should serve as a wake-up call to motorcoach operators who use independent contractors as drivers.

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in late August that the 2,300 drivers working for FedEx Ground in California from 2000 to 2007 should have been classified as employees covered by workplace protection statutes. (See Sept. 15 Bus & Motorcoach News.)

The ruling, the latest in a...

Vehicles that stretch 45 feet long and carry 55 passengers are king of the road as far as most motorcoach operators are concerned. But, in some cases, bigger isn't always better.

For several practical and financial reasons, an increasing number of operators have supplemented their fleets in recent years with shorter buses of every sort.

While quantifying this shift can be tricky, companies that sell such models report stepped-up demand from motorcoach operators, and one major motorcoach...

Transit ruse is beaten back

GAINSVILLE, Fla. -- A Florida motorcoach operator has won a challenge to the public transit agency practice of "bundling," that is, grouping together charter service opportunities and claiming the package cannot be broken up, thereby discouraging private operators from seeking the business.

The acting general counsel of the Federal Transit Administration issued an advisory opinion last month that sided with Brian Scott of Escot Bus Lines in Largo, in...

WASHINGTON - The Federal Transit Administration has ruled that it's OK to use money from the left pocket of the federal government to subsidize transit organizations that compete with private operators, but not OK to use money from the government's right pocket.

That's the upshot of a new FTA decree that says the Atlantic City Jitney Association did not violate the federal charter service rule...

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Yet another major Atlantic City hotel/casino is on the verge of closing.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, like its Atlantic City boardwalk competitors, has been strained by gambling competition elsewhere.

Last month, Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy protection and threatened to close the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort by Thanksgiving if it failed to...

By Dave Millhouser

We had a load of skiers on board, heading from Dallas to the Colorado slopes, when my boss, Joe, found me (I can't remember how he was able to track me down in those pre-cell-phone days, but he was a gifted tracker).

Joe said we had an empty Eagle sitting on the shoulder near Guymon, Okla. Guymon is ground zero on the barren Oklahoma panhandle.


ASHBURN, Va. -- The United Motorcoach Association has announced the preliminary program and schedule for its 11th annual Safety Management Seminar to be held in early December at the National Transportation Safety Board Training Center here.

The program will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3, and from 8 a.m. to noon, Thursday, Dec 4.

The seminar features how-to applications of...


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