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HOUSTON - A Houston-based bus holding company is seeking U.S. Surface Transportation Board approval of its acquisition of five Texas and Louisiana motorcoach companies in what amounts to the most significant industry consolidation move of the decade.

The consolidated company would initially operate with 650 vehicles, making it the largest private ground passenger-transportation provider in Texas, and the dominate player in fast-growing central and east Texas.

Newly-formed Texas Bus and Limo Acquisition Corp. seeks to consolidate GBJ Inc., which is the corporate parent of AFC Transportation...

Since the late 1990s, U.S. monetary policy has been aimed at maintaining interest-rate targets that are relatively low to stimulate investment and consumption and to combat the lingering economic stagnation resulting from the financial meltdown of the last decade.

For motorcoach operators that has meant reduced interest rates when it came time for borrowing and, more recently, an expanding universe of banks and other financial organizations ready to serve operators seeking to finance growth...

NEW YORK CITY -- The motorcoach industry has a love-hate relationship with this burg.

Because New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, charter bus operators love the revenue it generates.

Even operators from the hinterlands -- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa - often send coaches filled with tourists and school groups to the Big Apple daily during the peak travel season.

Traveling into the Big City has long been a hassle, but an increasing number of companies...

WASHINGTON - The United Motorcoach Association is seeking nominations from its U.S. operator members for five, three-year seats on its board.

Additionally, the association is soliciting nominations for the single coachbuilder associate-representative seat on the board.

For the first time, the coachbuilder representative on the board will be elected using the same procedures employed...

WASHINGTON - New Jersey Transit has appealed the $10,000 fine levied against it by the Federal Transit Administration for violating the government's charter service rule during a golf tournament last summer, questioning the size of the penalty and "whether such an assessment is appropriate."

The transit agency's appeal "does not dispute" that "NJ Transit failed to ensure . . . compliance"...

By Dave Millhouser

We were cruising west on a nearly deserted Interstate 80 in a Flxible VL100 on a perfect summer day.

Flx's were great buses . . . but quirky.

They were not equipped with a speedometer. You sorta translated the tachometer RPMs and gear selection into a speed approximation. In this coach's case, the tachometer was broken.

The speed limit was 55,...

By Scott Baer

Bus and motorcoach companies of all types and sizes share a common goal of growing the business while keeping costs under control.

For some this may mean updating their fleets with the newest technology and safety equipment, for others it may mean replacing or refurbishing coaches that are showing signs of aging, or perhaps adding some diversity to the fleet with...


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