MTRWESTERN unveils new branding, logo

MTRWESTERN has announced new branding for the Pacific Northwest ground transportation company.

Jeremy Butzlaff, president of MTRWESTERN, said the changes reflect the strong reputation that the company has created over the past 20 years, as well as its commitment to safety, hospitality, client satisfaction and sustainability.

“As businesses evolve, it’s essential to adapt and innovate to continually map to future goals and growth,” Butzlaff said in a letter to employees and customers. “With this in mind, we embarked on a journey to redefine our brand identity, keeping our core values intact while reflecting the modern needs and preferences of our customers.”

MTRWESTERN unveils new branding.

He said the new branding for the Seattle-based company reflects a commitment to being a beacon of safety, a symbol of reliability, and the standard for forward-thinking, sustainable motorcoach transportation.

Blending history and future

The new logo pays homage to the company’s rich heritage, yet its sleek and contemporary design also evokes a sense of energy and movement toward the future. 

MTRWESTERN has rebranded its motorcoach fleet. (Cameron Karsten Photography)

“Our new branding goes beyond just a logo. It’s a reflection of our renewed focus on enhancing our overall customer experience and journey towards transforming our business with a climate-centric approach,” Butzlaff said. 

The shift includes revamping buses with new and modern interiors; investing in cutting-edge safety cameras; and reducing the company’s carbon footprint through increased use of sustainable fuel. 

The new branding emphasizes MTRWESTERN’s sustainable motorcoach transportation.

“We understand that safety, convenience and comfort are paramount to our passengers, and we are committed to providing nothing less than the best with a vision towards reducing environmental impact,” said Butzlaff.

Butzlaff said a new website will be unveiled soon.

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