Quick’s Bus Company announces new Safety Director

Quick’s Bus Co. has appointed Terry Pullin as its new safety director. Pullin has a tenure of 30 years at the Staunton, Virginia, company.

Pullin’s journey with Quick’s began three decades ago as a part-time driver. Over the years, he has taken on additional responsibilities, recently including assisting in new driver training.

In his position as safety director, Pullin will work to foster a culture of safety by overseeing staff training and coaching, ensuring all employees are compliant with safety regulations and protocols. Additionally, Pullin will coordinate and conduct safety training sessions, both scheduled annually and on an as-needed basis, to uphold the highest standards of safety across the organization.

“We are thrilled to announce Terry Pullin’s appointment as our new Safety Director,” said Jason Quick, President of Quick’s Bus Co. “Terry’s extensive experience, dedication, and deep understanding of our company make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. We are confident that under his leadership, Quick’s will continue to prioritize safety above all else.”

Quick’s Bus Co., a provider of transportation services for over 75 years, serves the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and the District of Columbia with a range of transportation solutions.

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