Shriver Insurance celebrates 60 years of being there for customers

Shriver Transportation Insurance Agency in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, is marking its 60th year in business. The family-owned agency was founded in February 1963 by Wally Shriver. His son, Charlie, joined him seven years later.  

“When the insurance world collapsed in 1985, we parted with the trucking industry and focused solely on buses,” said Charlie Shriver, remembering the cover of Time magazine was “Sorry America, Your Insurance Is Canceled!” 

The Shriver Insurance team (left to right) Michael McDaniels, Charlie Shriver and Christopher Lang.

Over the decades, Shriver has watched more than 50 insurance companies enter and then exit this difficult and volatile marketplace.  

“Our experience and uniquely qualified service continues to serve those operators who understand what it takes to make educated decisions when comparing insurance programs,” he said. “You simply cannot get comparative insurance proposals without loss runs. You should be receiving these monthly anyway, yet hundreds of operators allow their agent to hold them hostage with excuses and sometimes threats. We have heard every excuse imaginable, and cannot understand why anyone would put up with such abuse.” 

This year is Shriver’s 53rd year in the industry. He has been joined by his sons-in-law, Michael McDaniels and Christopher Lang. Together, they work to provide clients with “honest and exceptional service.” 

“I continue to thank all the operators who understand how to best serve themselves,” Shriver said. “You owe it to yourself to call them and understand the meaning of ‘the enemy of great is good.’” 

This story originally appeared in the EXPO Express, the official magazine of the 2024 UMA Motorcoach EXPO.

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