Prevost initiates coach recall to fix fuel tank problem

WASHINGTON — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a self-reported recall for 3,190 Prevost motorcoaches from the 2008 through 2018 model years.

The defect was caused by a gap between structural lugs and the fuel tank cradle. While this could cause the fuel tank to “separate from vehicle,” no incidents or injuries have resulted, Prevost said.

The recall covers Prevost H3-41, H3-45, H3-45 VIP, X3-45, X3-45 VIP, VIP Entertainer and XL2 motorcoaches. The recall targets vehicles manufactured with fuel cradles bearing Prevost part numbers 030940, 032905 or 032970.

According to Prevost’s filing to NHTSA, a service claim was received on September 11 regarding fuel cradle front attachment points. A company search found two additional claims.

Prevost reported the issue to federal regulators on October 3. The recall was announced on October 30.

The government recall report states:

“The front of the fuel tank cradle is attached to the frame at two locations. At these locations, a gap exists between the structural lugs and the cradle support tubing. Over time, this gap can cause the bolt torque to loosen, which could compromise the integrity of the bolt. If the cradle attachment points (i.e. both bolts) fail, the fuel cradle, complete with the fuel tank, can drop to the ground.

“If the fuel cradle drops to the ground, it could disable the vehicle increasing the risk of a crash or personal injury.”

Prevost will contact owners of the affected motorcoaches and make repairs free of charge, the government stated. As the manufacturer told NHTSA, “The remedy is shimming a gap that exists between the structural lugs and the cradle support tubing.”

The shims became part of the fuel tank installation procedure on new motorcoaches beginning October 2.

“We have decided to do this recall as safety is a core value for Prevost and there is a potential risk associated with this defect. This is a proactive measure and no crashes or injuries have been reported,” said Emmanuelle Toussaint, vice president of legal, regulatory and public affairs and external communications for Prevost in Sainte-Claire, Quebec.

Owners of the recalled motorcoaches may call Prevost at (866) 870-2046.

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