Kid Rock asks fans to support CERTS Act

Musician Kid Rock, who usually spends a lot of time on the road traveling for concerts, is worried about the motorcoach industry as the COVID-19 shutdown continues to linger.

Kid Rock’s Facebook message to fans about helping the motorcoach industry.

The entertainer describes the motorcoach industry as “very close to my heart” and notes that, without coaches, he and other entertainers wouldn’t be able to show up in “your towns to rock your socks off!”

In a Facebook post that went up at 7 p.m. EST Friday, the Michigan-based rocker asked his fans to take a few minutes to click on the United Motorcoach Association’s link to send letters to their senators and U.S. representatives.

Here is what he wrote in his entire message:

“I have been trying to do what I can to help out so many affected by this DAMN COVID CRAP! From bar or health care workers, farmers, musicians or even just donating money to food pantries. The motorcoach industry is very close to my heart, as well, and what we entertainers, bands and crew use to show up in your towns to rock your socks off! I am asking my legions of loyal fans to take 5 minutes and check out the link below. Thank you! We’re all in this together. — God Bless, Kid Rock”

In the first eight hours, more than 17,000 people “liked” the post, and there were more than 1,600 shares. Kid Rock has more than 5.7 million followers on Facebook. 

The support of Kid Rock and other entertainers for the Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services Act (CERTS Act) comes at a crucial time as the industry rallies their elected leaders in Washington to approve $10 billion in economic relief for over-the-road buses, including the private motorcoach, tour and charter industry.

“UMA is thrilled to have the support of Kid Rock and other entertainers in the struggle to draw attention to the behind-the-scenes work the motorcoach industry does,” said UMA President & CEO Larry Killingsworth. “Not only does the industry move entertainment groups from venue to venue but they transport many of the people who come to see those shows. Motorcoaches are a crucial part of the entertainment world.”




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