How to use LinkedIn to expand your customer network

Don’t think of LinkedIn as a social media platform. At its core, LinkedIn is a digital Rolodex – and the most valuable professional network you have.

Trish Fridrich

Imagine this: You meet an interesting individual at a tradeshow or local networking event. They aren’t directly a potential client or vendor and there is no reason for you to interact again, but you enjoyed the conversation and you would be happy to do business with them in the future. How in the world do you keep track of them? Business cards get lost, people change jobs or move cities and suddenly, you’re three degrees of Kevin Bacon away from ever seeing them again.

Solution: LinkedIn! If you connect on LinkedIn, when they switch jobs in a few years, you’ll know that they just became a great potential client. If you use words like “charter,” “corporate shuttle,” “bus” and “motorcoach” in the description about yourself, your profile will come up when they search for those terms. Even better, if they’ve been seeing you post about the amazing work that you’re doing, BAM! Next time they need a motorcoach, they think of you.

Want more info on LinkedIn? Check out the webinar I hosted in this article.

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Trisha Fridrich is the Technology Solutions Architect for The L&W Team. An operator turned technology nerd, she helps companies optimize their internal processes to save time and money. When she’s not calling Congress, she loves building spreadsheets and is obsessed with efficiency. Originally from Seattle, WA, she now resides in Raleigh, NC. Feel free to reach out to her — she loves to connect on LinkedIn.


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