Bus navigation app available for motorcoach drivers

BOSTON — TeleType Co., developer of the SmartTruckRoute navigation app, has expanded the product line to support motorcoach navigation.

Its new app, SmartBusRoute, provides real-time routing and navigation to professional bus drivers to help them avoid roads that are unsuitable for bus travel.

“We are pleased to contribute to the efficiency and safety of the bus industry by providing an economical real-time navigation system to commercial bus drivers,” said Ed Friedman, SmartBusRoute project manager.

Previously, drivers had to rely on truck navigation, which is different from the routes that motorcoach carriers are able to use, Friedman said.

With the introduction of the SmartBusRoute app, drivers can be confident they are navigating with bus-specific routing that avoids low bridges and bus-restricted areas while allowing travel in areas where buses are permitted (and trucks may be prohibited).

SmartBusRoute features and benefits include:

  • Bus-specific real-time routing and navigation avoids low bridges and bus-restricted areas
  • Option to view maps in satellite or hybrid mode for highest destination accuracy
  • Instant activation, eliminating lengthy map downloads
  • Unlimited bus-specific routing upon purchase

The bus app is subscription based, with a one-time payment equivalent to a few cents per day, and is available for Android and Apple devises. Information is available at help@smartbusroute.com or www.smarttruckroute.com.

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