Ways motorcoach operators can use digital to connect with customers

As part of your sales strategy, don’t forget about your marketing efforts. A business relaunch should include a digital rebound, says marketing expert Vicki Bowman.

Vicki Bowman

Bowman, the owner of VB Group Marketing and Event Resources, presented on the topic during the United Motorcoach Association Sales Summit, a virtual event held July 13-15.

She emphasized the importance of knowing your customers and finding the right channels to connect with the various demographics and profiles of your clientele and potential customers. 

“You can have the best website, the best Facebook or LinkedIn profile, but if the majority of your customers aren’t there, they’re just not going to see what you’re putting out there,” Bowman said. 

Digital rebound requires analysis

Coming up with a digital presence begins by analyzing your customers in terms of customer segments. That might mean senior citizens who travel, or student groups, or weddings. 

Bowman recommends creating a customer profile that takes into consideration the way an average customer in a group — whether it’s seniors, students or brides — looks for information, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or a website. Figure out where your passengers live online. 

“It’s super important to do your research ahead of time to get to know your passengers,” Bowman said. “If you’re a charter company and you’re doing weddings or school trips, or you want to be the exclusive carrier for a tour company, you need to really put yourself in their shoes and start thinking about what their needs are. How do you solve those needs better than your competition does?”

If you are relaunching your business after scaling back during the COVID-19 pandemic, review your marketing strategy. Don’t overlook your logo. Does it seem dated?

“That really is almost like handing everyone, digitally, a business card for yourself,” said Bowman. “What do you want it to say about you? What does your Facebook page look like? What’s the image at the top of it? Take the opportunity to tweak it a little bit because that’s just going to give you another stepping stone to rebrand and relaunch your social media and your website.”

Share your story

One way to connect with clients is by sharing your story. Dig up pictures or newspaper clippings from the start of your business or major milestones.

“Make sure that your story is compelling online by taking the time to document that history,” Bowman said. 

She recommends joining organizations such as the local chamber of commerce and industry associations. Put them on your social media, be sure that you’re liking them and following them. 

“Don’t be afraid to reshare some of the content if it’s relevant and is helpful to your customers,” Bowman said. “Showing that you are a subject matter expert is important.” 


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