Tour insurance products offer customer benefit, operator revenue stream

The United Motorcoach Association has introduced a new exclusive benefit for members: passenger travel insurance. UMA has partnered with USI Travel Insurance Services to offer two unique travel products to the membership.

The Comprehensive Travel Protection Plans, available for customers who sign up for tours with UMA-member motorcoach companies, offer extensive coverage. Policy benefits include travel assistance, trip cancellation, interruption or delay, along with up to $250,000 in emergency medical coverage.

The trip insurance can alleviate travelers’ concerns about big medical bills associated with treatment in out-of-network medical facilities that may not be covered by their personal medical insurance.

“The plans cover just about everything that could happen on a trip, from trip cancellation to emergency medical expense and evacuation” says Sharon Broo, Vice President of USI Travel Insurance Services, a Philadelphia-based company with an onsite call center.

Broo, who developed the product exclusively for UMA members, describes the insurance as addressing a “very specific travel product niche.”

For a $2,000 trip, the insurance costs $93 for a traveler age 35 to 59. Rates vary depending on age and trip price.

USI also is offering Charter Bus Medical Evacuation Insurance, which includes up to $400,000 in coverage per passenger. This coverage can be offered by UMA members for purchase by the group signing up for charter bus service. The plan would cover the entire group.

The two new travel insurance products offer another source of revenue for motorcoach operators, who can earn a 30 percent program fee on every comprehensive travel protection plan for which a passenger signs up, and 10 percent on the charter bus medical evacuation insurance purchased by charter group customers.

Broo says owners aren’t expected to act as insurance agents. They can direct clients to a toll-free number to have their questions answered by staff at USI’s call center in Philadelphia.

To learn more about these programs and sign up at no cost to offer the plans to your customers, contact Sharon L. Broo, Vice President of Travel Insurance Services, at or 770-905-4065.

—Shandra Martinez



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