UMA at work for operators with critical information and powerful advocacy

To support our Members during the COVID-19 crisis, the United Motorcoach Association has created comprehensive online resources, planned an online town hall meeting, and, most important of all, has been in contact with Congress, the Trump administration and all the relevant federal agencies that impact motorcoach businesses.

UMA is working for operators to seek immediate financial relief. Operators can join the effort by sharing their economic impact data in an online survey, following our progress as reported in the online edition of Bus & Motorcoach News, by opening emails from, and frequently consulting the website.

Operators can attend and participate in a live online Town Hall meeting on Thursday, March 19  to share information and organize our efforts. Learn how to join the meeting on our website:

To help focus on what’s important, UMA is also refining our communications with members to be shorter, more frequent and specific to the latest news and ideas you need to get through this crisis.

Finally, a survey of operators is being conducted through Wednesday, March 18 to give UMA the data on the economic impacts our industry is experiencing. This critical information will be the basis for working toward creation of an economic relief package as soon as possible. Watch for details as they emerge.

And most important, operators should remember they can contact UMA with questions, concerns and suggestions at or (703) 838-2929. Though the staff could be working remotely as circumstances change, our phone will be answered, and emails will receive responses.

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