UMA EXPO to include special event: Breakfast with the Buses

The United Motorcoach Association will introduce its first-ever Breakfast with the Buses at the upcoming EXPO in Orlando.

The April 24 breakfast runs from 8-10 a.m. and will be held outside the Orange County Convention Center. Attendees can see preowned and new vehicles at the start of the day while soaking in Orlando’s beautiful weather.

A parade of new and preowned motorcoaches will be arranged in front of the convention center on the last morning of the EXPO trade show.

Attendees will be able to dine in the shade and then spend time checking out the buses that will be available for purchase.

New and pre-owned coaches

The motorcoaches will be provided by UMA’s original equipment manufacturers or OEMs as well as preowned coach sales companies.

“It will be an education for people about their options with their fleet as they move forward, whether they are buying or selling new or preowned coaches,” said UMA President and CEO Larry Killingsworth.

“It’s just a special event for our 50th anniversary,” he added. “People have an opportunity to meet new contacts in the preowned coach market.

After the event, the closing ceremonies for the last day of the trade show will begin. Those who attend will have a chance to win prizes when names are drawn at 10:30. The show will finish up at noon.

The breakfast event was organized based on the feedback of UMA members, Killingsworth said. 

Valuable asset

“Your fleet is by far your most valuable and expensive asset, and so the more that an operator can learn about the equipment, motorcoaches and the marketplace, whether for new or pre-owned, the better off they are,” Killingsworth said.

The location for the event fell into place last week, when UMA learned it could hold the event in front of the convention center, said Mitch Guralnick, Prevost Director of Pre-Owned Coach Sales and a new UMA board member, who is part of the EXPO organizing committee.

“There are no other conventions at the center during the time we’re there, so the entire walk at the front of the center is all ours, and we can line up 35 to 38 buses there,” Guralnick said. “We’re now working with people in the area that want to bring in coaches that are close by Orlando.

The event will provide an opportunity to get a good deal on a new or preowned bus, he added. 

“It’s going to be very nice. You’ll have a chance to gather with friends, meet some new people and maybe buy a bus.”


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