Trans-Bridge Lines turns Safety Week into focus on ‘safety in every situation’

For Trans-Bridge Lines, the company’s Safety Week has become a tradition of focusing on “safety in every situation.”

This year, Safety Week 2023 was a  weeklong series of sessions and activities which, in addition to driver safety, ranged from training on spotting human trafficking to harassment in the workplace. The events focused on many topics which together presented a complete safety overview.

Tom JeBran, President of Trans-Bridge Lines, speaks with drivers at the Port Authority Bus Terminal during the company’s Safety Week.

 Tom JeBran, President of Trans-Bridge Lines, says safety is part of the company’s vision. 

“Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction and safety leaves no acceptable alternative in the transportation market,” JeBran said. 

The comprehensive safety training included the following:

Human trafficking. Austin Getz, Trans-Bridge Lines Safety Manager, opened the sessions with a discussion on human trafficking and resources available through Busing on the Lookout initiatives, a program aimed at discovering and disrupting human trafficking networks operating within the transportation industry. He also spoke about protocols during emergency situations and the chain of command necessary, dependent on the type of emergency being addressed. Additionally, Getz offered facts on drug and alcohol testing and help that is available for those who are battling addiction.

Mindful driving. Brendan Stanczyk, Safety and Training Supervisor, updated employees on mindful driving and pedestrian safety. Stanczyk presented a video featuring several clips of real-life traffic accidents and pedestrian strikes that emphasized the need to be alert and aware of one’s surroundings at all times. Focus points on perception and recognizing a hazard, reaction, and braking distance were emphasized.

TSA’s Glen Davis gives a presentation to drivers of Trans-Bridge Lines during the company’s recent Safety Week sessions.

Avoiding accidents. Jerry Featherman, Fleet and Facilities Maintenance Manager, showcased OSHA regulations regarding slips, trips and falls. He highlighted best practices for avoiding accidents in the workplace and for passengers while traveling on the company’s motorcoaches.

Workplace harassment. Lori Stanke, Human Resources Manager, spoke about the 11 different types of harassment in the workplace. She informed employees about the difference between bullying and harassment, gave examples and signs to look for in both, and outlined the steps to take if one is in such a predicament. 

Top performers honored

Guest speakers during the week eek included the Bethlehem Police Department; Rick Delmore, former Chief of Dewey Fire Company of Hellertown; Lexi Higgins, Director of Truckers Against Trafficking; Elaine Chan, from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; and representatives of the Transportation Security Administration.

Trans-Bridge Lines motorcoach drivers were honored for their achievements in safe driving. Drivers’ records of accident-free, incident-free, safe driving ranged up to an impressive 26 years. Shop staff and drivers were also recognized for exemplary attendance records. The Trans-Bridge Lines team of mechanics and shop staff were given special thanks for their work in maintaining the company’s bus fleet, while also prepping coaches being sold and leaving the fleet.

After a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, JeBran says he was happy to get back to the company’s yearly routine of conducting the Safety Week sessions.  

“This is an opportunity for us to come together as a company and review our standards in safety, learn about new technologies and procedures, and honor our drivers for their diligence in operating our buses safely,” JeBran said.


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