Tom Morgan remembered for his contributions to the industry

The industry lost a longtime leader with the recent passing of Thomas Morgan, Sr. of Citizen Auto Stage Company/Gray Line Tours of Tucson. His son, “TJ” Morgan Jr., CEO /President, of Gray Line Tours / Citizen Auto Stage Co. remembered his dad with this tribute that he shared with Bus & Motorcoach News:

It has been an extremely tough year, and another light has gone out. On Dec. 18, at 8 p.m., Tom Morgan passed away, surrounded by family in the comfort of his own home. No, it was not Covid related! This is how he wanted to go, and he did it his way! Dad expressed his wishes in no uncertain terms: “ I don’t want anyone to make a big fuss when I die! If anybody has anything nice to say to me, they should say it while I’m alive!“ (My guess is that he’s up there cursing me right now for writing this!)

Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan

Predeceased by his wife, Martha “Kita” Morgan, he is survived by his children, Kathleen and TJ, (Tom Junior), grandchildren, Jae, Kelly, Tom III, Claire and Gabriel, loving nieces Margo and Gail, as well as his beloved Marleen, his last true love, who steadfastly stayed by his side the last couple of decades of his life.

To say that Tom Morgan was influential in shaping the transportation industry is an understatement. An honorary board member of the ATA, the ABA, Gray Line Worldwide, and President of the Nogales Rotary club, dad was extremely active in all facets of the company, Citizen Auto Stage Co., left to him by his father, also Thomas Morgan. His strength of character and determination left an indelible mark on everyone around him throughout his life, and his passing represents the end of an era!

Dad‘s bout with polio in early life left him with braces on both legs, a disability which he overcame by sheer determination and will power- he taught himself to drive motor coach, and even became an avid golfer. Dad was both extremely principled and honorable- traits which were bludgeoned into me at an early age, for which I will be eternally grateful! He loved Frank Sinatra, cheap champagne, and authentic Mexican tortillas, which he carried everywhere he traveled as a gift for his friends. Now TJ carries the tortillas. He was by turns brilliant, irascible, generous, and the ultimate curmudgeon. He will be missed!

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