The motorcoach community mourns the passing of industry veterans

The motorcoach community is mourning the loss of two industry veterans, Ralph Angell in Alabama and Debbie Strickland in South Carolina.

Both are being remembered for their contributions to the motorcoach industry.

Ralph Angell

Ralph Angell, 79, passed away June 27, 2021. He was General Manager and Vice President of Colonial Trailways in Mobile, Alabama. Angell was also a longtime member of the Alabama Motorcoach Association

He had been hospitalized for two weeks with COVID-19 before he died, according to Colonial Trailways CEO/President Suzanne S. Thornburg. 

“He was a good man and dedicated many years and a great deal of time to our companies and the motorcoach industry in general. His knowledge, experience and direction will be missed terribly,” Thornburg wrote in a note sharing the sad news. 

Debra Lynn “Debbie” Strickland

Debbie StricklandDebra Lynn “Debbie” Strickland, 70, died June 27, 2021. She was the national marketing director for the Alabama Theater and Planet Hollywood in Myrtle Beach for 25 years. Strickland was also a member of the Motorcoach Association of South Carolina and the United Motorcoach Association.

She was a familiar face at events hosted by both organizations, and remained active until her recent retirement, said Shirley Garrett, owner of Sunshine Travel Express in Lancaster, South Carolina. 

She was a vital part of the industry and very knowledgeable,” said Garrett. “She had a lot of vigor and vitality.”

Strickland always stepped up to support the industry when there was an association gathering in the Myrtle Beach area by hosting an event, according to Linda Morris, MCASC Executive Director.

“She was very supportive,” Morris said. 





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