The Bus Network to unveil tools compatible with ELDs

The Bus Network (TBN) says a new partnership with Initek Consulting to develop a plug-and-play “integration marketplace” will extend the functionality of its SalesDriver and OpsDriver technologies.

Initek and its owner, Ben O’Day, have a history of building successful integrations with Samsara ELD. Together with TBN, they will develop integrations that will make connecting third-party solutions fast, simple and affordable, according to TBN.

“We are excited to partner with Ben O’Day and Initek on this project. They have a great track record of delivering meaningful integrations that help streamline operations and make using exciting technologies even easier,” said Chris Riddell, CEO of TBN. “This is another step in realizing our vision of making integrations more powerful for the industry and our cornerstone belief that operators should be not only supported but encouraged to create powerful integrations between the technology tools they use.”

A shared vision

O’Day added that Initek’s participation reflects a shared vision “for leveraging technology to make things easier, more transparent and faster for operators. It’s refreshing to work with a company committed to full bi-directional integrations, which we can work with, not around.”

The Bus Network
TBN CEO Chris Riddell presents at the 2022 CBA conference.

The integration marketplace will launch later this year with a plug-and-play Samsara integration compatible with TBN’s OpsDriver tools. It will deliver routing information to Samsara and push actual driver hours and other information from Samsara into the system.

This integration will make using Samsara’s ELD easier for drivers and operations staff, and automate the delivery of customer-facing tracking links within the TBN interface. It will allow customers to use driver actuals in payroll calculations and time, and report on individual trip hours in the booking record, leading to the potential for more accurate profitability metrics.

Future integrations

Future plug-and-play integrations will include maintenance software, marketing solutions, payroll providers, accounting software and more. Initek will also provide custom integration solutions to TBN customers wanting to build one-off integrations.

TBN is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) provider specializing in the group travel market, offering operators industry-leading technology solutions, including customer-facing sales tools, quote management, automated follow-up, bookings management, billing, payroll, customer-facing booking and quote management and payments. It also supports driver and fleet management, as well as an industry-first integration with Clover Connect for online payment solutions.

Initek Consulting specializes in fleet management, vehicle telematics and the Internet of Things (IoT), and has built custom software solutions for many companies in the automotive and travel industries.


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