Prevost offers free PTT software renewal

Prevost announced it will provide free annual renewals for its Premium Tech Tool software for existing Prevost and Volvo Bus users in North America. The renewal cost is usually $200. 

PTT is a Windows-based diagnostic application specifically designed to test, calibrate and program Volvo engine and ECU parameters, making diagnostics fast and accurate. The 2.7 version of the software supports all Prevost and Volvo Bus vehicles with Volvo EPA ’07 and later engines. After the initial purchase, annual software renewal is required to continue using PTT. 

“We are in a period of great uncertainty in our industry, and we’re glad to be able to offer this benefit to our customers as another way to support them during this time,” said Maurice Gagne, National Service Director for Prevost, in a statement. 

The exclusive offer applies to all existing PTT licenses for Prevost and Volvo Bus PTT users in North America, and is valid through June 1, 2021. Customers who would like to take advantage of the complementary renewal should follow these steps: 

  • Wait to receive your PTT software renewal reminder: Once you’ve received notification that your software license is expiring, contact us at Use the subject line PTT Renewal, and include your user ID and client ID in the body of the email. 
  • Receive confirmation email: Once we’ve processed your information, you will receive a confirmation email that includes instructions for next steps and a link to order your renewal. 
  • Submit your request for renewal via Prevost eMedia.
  • Receive renewal software by mail: Once we’ve processed your request, you will receive by mail a USB drive containing the renewal software. 
  • Follow the instructions included in the package with the USB drive and get back to testing, calibrating, and troubleshooting your Volvo engines and ECUs.

Released for Prevost in 2008, the PTT program is utilized by more than 300 companies in North America. One license or Client ID allows users to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, perform diagnostics, perform tests, calibrations, and select parameter programming. 

Customers who would like to subscribe to PTT can do so via Prevost eMedia at


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