Pass the sniff test

Want to avoid negative reviews of a charter trip? Make sure that bathroom is clean. And for good measure, be sure you’ve got a scent like Tahiti Coconut, Black Glacier or Fresh Blossom—rather than something far less pleasant—wafting out when the door to the loo opens.

Tammy Moyer, sales manager for Monochem, a division of Valterra Products, says every operator experiences odor challenges a little differently based on location, temperatures and equipment. But having a bathroom on board a bus is an essential amenity for motorcoach passengers—and so is proper cleaning.

Be sure you rotate fragrances, but don’t use all your favorites at the same time. Pick one, suggests Todd Brooks, customer service manager of J&J Chemical Co., and use that same one for motorcoach deodorizer, disks, sprays and cleaners so that too many scents aren’t mixed together, which can also be unpleasant.

Scents impact the perception of cleanliness, Brooks says. “Customers want to smell something pleasing to the nose when they use a motorcoach restroom, but usually not too strong,” he says. “Remember, some scents work better in motorcoach restrooms than others. While most customers prefer something light, we do have that occasional customer that wants something strong as well and because we are our own perfumer, we are able to accommodate that need.”

Keep it clean

Proper cleaning products are obviously key as well, Brooks says.

“You just have to have the proper product that does what it advertises and is used properly. No matter how good the product is, if you are not using enough of it, it will not work properly, and if you are using too much of the product, you are wasting money. Following the correct dosage instructions is key to making the passenger experience a pleasant one.”


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