Spain-based manufacturer launches U.S. company

After three years with distributor, Irizar opens own business in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — For three years, Spain-based manufacturer Irizar distributed its motorcoaches in the United States through INA Bus Sales.

The Irizar Group recognized the importance of reinforcing its presence in the United States, so in July it launched its own company, Irizar USA, to serve the market.

“The commitment to excellence that our company has with our approach to the market and our relationship with our customers is of paramount importance to us,” says Axier Etxezarreta, principal of Irizar USA. “In order to uphold this approach and continue to provide the best products and services for the market, it did require a step forward from Irizar, and we considered that right now was the perfect timing for this.”

Etxezarreta says the Irizar Group truly thanks Mike Haggerty, Olga Haggerty and all the others with INA Bus Sales for the achievements, great accomplishments and great relationships during the introduction of the product.

Irizar USA has moved forward with the marketing, sales and support of the Irizar i6 motorcoach, an integral chassis designed 45-foot, 56-passenger luxury motorcoach.

“This is our staple product  offered at this time, along with the SuperCargo version, which boasts a remarkable 620 cubic feet of luggage storage space, best-in-class,” shares Etxezarreta.

Etxezarreta says Irizar has 129 years of experience and more than 3,300 employees, and Irizar USA is a direct extension of Irizar, operating in a manner consistent with the guiding principles and core values of the Irizar brand: safety, reliability, aftersales service, cost of ownership, customization, passenger comfort and innovation.

“We do have a variety of customers covering all the different segments, from companies focused on tour operations to others operating scheduled service or those that are focused primarily on charter and convention services,” he says.

Etxezarreta points out that the motorcoach industry is a relationship business. As such, Irizar USA makes getting to know its customers a priority when it comes to motorcoach sales.

“Client relations are of the upmost importance to Irizar, and we know that the day our customer drives off with their brand-new Irizar i6 coach is the first day of our partnership, not the finish line of a sales process,” he says. “We aim to have a meaningful relationship with our partner customers, providing concierge-level service treating them as a VIP.”

And Irizar USA’s customers have been responding to the client relationship culture of the new company.

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“The acceptance and recognition from the customers have been great,” he shares. “They all perceive the higher level of commitment from Irizar directly, which is evident to them, and they appreciate that. They see that the company is even closer than ever; this is strengthening these relationships.”

Etxezarreta has been deeply involved in developing the U.S. market for Irizar since the very beginning in 2015.

“Naturally, my direct presence and activity in the country has increased since I was appointed as principal of Irizar USA,” he says. “My appreciation for the marketplace has grown over time, and I am very excited to be closer to all of the wonderful professionals that make up our industry and the bright future that I know we have for Irizar USA.”

The core group that makes up Irizar USA is an experienced and committed team of 15 professionals. The company also works with various partner suppliers that are leaders in their own markets.

“I am very proud to have so many excellent subject matter experts on our team and know that going forward we will continue to attract the best talent in the industry,” adds Etxezarreta.

That talent will be needed for the goals held by Irizar USA. According to Etxezarreta, the company aims to achieve 8-12 percent market share in the coming years.

“We are creating a strong foundation to support that objective,” he explains. “As Irizar USA is essentially a direct extension of the leading, world-class coach manufacturer that is Irizar, we are quite confident that we will meet or exceed our objectives.

“As we chart our course for this achievement, we are carefully considering the team, processes, strategy, product development capabilities, aftermarket service network and other aspects of the company.”

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