IMG companies collectively named 2021 Operator of the Year

Coming together for the first time since early 2019, the member companies of IMG met in Greenville, South Carolina, for a meeting of networking and discussions. 

With a theme of “Working in Partnership,” it was an opportunity to meet with industry partners and look ahead to 2022 and beyond.

At the final evening event, the IMG Operator of the Year Award — a recognition of excellence and commitment to IMG’s and the industry’s ongoing goals plus community engagement — was shared by the 54 IMG companies.

The 2021 IMG Operator of the Year award was commemorated with a bus graphic, showcasing all 54 IMG shareholders.

“We thought it was absolutely awesome that the Operator of the Year was awarded to every company in IMG. We felt that after a year we all experienced last year it was great to be acknowledged for well…still being in business. It’s was like a big pat on the back from IMG and we truly appreciated it,” said Connie Giddens, who attended with her husband, Tom.

The couple, who owns Pacific Coachways in Garden Grove, California, have been an IMG member company since 2002.

Proud IMG partner

Turbo Images partnered with the International Motorcoach Group in sponsoring the Operator of the Year Award. 

“This prestigious award began 15 years ago and, in 2021, we recognized all IMG operators with the award under the banner of ‘Coming Together is the Beginning; Keeping Together is Progress; Working together is Success,’” said Patrick Scully, Turbo Images’ Executive Vice President, who attended the conference. 

Turbo commemorated the award with a bus graphic, showcasing all 54 IMG shareholders, which was showcased at the conference.

Accepting on behalf of the member companies, IMG Chairman John Adams, who is President of Southern Coaches, expressed gratitude to Turbo Images for its long and continued support; to Prevost, which graciously supplied a motorcoach for the impressive wrap; and noted how the IMG family came together throughout these difficult times and provided extraordinary support to each other.

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