Icomera partners with luxury operator for ‘reimagined travel’

Staying ahead of the curve in providing technological amenities is a big competitive advantage for nearly every transport operator

This is particularly advantageous during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people have the option to work from any remote location where reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is available. 

Seeing an opportunity in the growing preference for remote work, Rapid Overland Express owner and founder Jeff McWaters wanted to invigorate the commercial connection between economic and tourism hubs, with occasional trips to the office.

The Virginia Beach-based luxury motorcoach operator partnered with Icomera to provide business and leisure travelers with four hours of enjoyable travel between Virginia Beach and the District of Columbia – and now Charlottesville, Virginia.

The ROX Xpress is using Icomera technology to help create a full luxury experience for passengers.

Icomera’s internet-based digital systems allow passengers to stay connected and productive while on the move.

ROX Xpress installed Icomera’s X³ Advanced Gateway for onboard internet, passenger information and entertainment. As part of Icomera’s onboard entertainment offering, GoView, the operator’s passengers can access a wide range of media content, from Hollywood movies and TV shows, to magazines, audiobooks, and games – streamed directly over the Wi-Fi network to their personal phones, tablets and laptops. By providing ROX passengers with a ‘Connected Journey’, they experience seamless connectivity and premium entertainment, from origin to destination.

‘Reimagined travel’

After a pause in service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, service between Washington and Virginia Beach relaunched in July, catering to commuter and leisure travelers, equipping them with Wi-Fi, individual charging outlets, and a digital library of books, movies, and TV shows. Together with ROX’s investment in onboard connectivity and entertainment, Icomera is facilitating the choice to travel by coach rather than driving Interstate 95.

“It is better than any first-class flight you’ve been on,” said McWaters. “You can’t work on I-95, and you can’t work when traveling by airplane; you can work on the ROX, as we have completely reimagined travel.”

Over the past decade, motorcoach operators have seen net promoter scores increasing more than 40 points due to amenities such as reliable internet connectivity and onboard entertainment. Icomera continues to work with motorcoach operators across North America to implement technologies aimed at improving the passenger experience.

“Being ahead of the curve in providing technological amenities is a big competitive advantage for every transport operator, especially on longer-distance routes where services like Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment can influence mode choice,” said Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Icomera. “Bringing the best technology and services to operators is our drive, and bringing it to our US headquarters’ backyard is an investment in our region and local community.” 


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