Delivering the Ultimate Passenger Experience

Over the last two years, Icomera has been advising owners, operators and manufacturers on how to sharpen the focus on the passenger experience – beginning with sound investments in onboard amenities. 

The goal is to deliver the ultimate passenger experience. Icomera helps clients and partners to create a digital service that positively impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

For Icomera, the ultimate passenger experience translates into a simple equation: Dependable Service + Clean Facilities + Reliable Wi-Fi = Increase in Satisfaction, Loyalty and Patronage

“The reality is that motorcoach operators have grown weary of cheap, imported solutions which merely ‘check a box.’ The cost of supporting low-grade technology, and the vendors that peddle such goods, outweighs the benefit,” explains John Busskohl, a Senior Regional Sales Manager with Icomera.

Owners and tour operators who want to revitalize the passenger experience through new, digital amenities are finding success with Icomera’s “one-box” concept. The technology offers a scalable onboard platform, the X-series, capable of handling the communications, memory, and processing needs of various integrated applications. 

The Icomera X-series hosts GoView, the industry-leading onboard entertainment portal that provides access to Hollywood movies, TV series and eBooks directly on the vehicle itself – no downloading or buffering. It can also simultaneously host video surveillance, telematics and passenger information systems, providing operators with a flexible, extensible technology platform that can accommodate a variety of uses.


“The customers just love the product. We recommend Icomera and feel they are leading the way in onboard entertainment for travel companies.” – Roger Nadeau, President, Thompson Valley Charters Ltd.

“Our partnership with Icomera has played a critical role in elevating the travel experience for our passengers over the years. Extending our partnership with Icomera represents a continued commitment to innovation and the implementation of exciting travel technology for our customers.” – Ronnie Long, Director of Onboard Products and Customer Experience – Greyhound Lines, Inc. 

“Reliable Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment have become the foundation of delivering a great onboard experience. The Icomera system has an intuitive interface for customers and most importantly, reliably delivers great signal connectivity.” – Dave Ziemer, Head of Air Transportation – The Landline Company


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