Cross Country Tours takes delivery of 40th consecutive Van Hool 

Cross Country Tours began its business nearly three decades ago with a Van Hool coach.

The Charter and Tour Operator in Spartanburg, South Carolina, recently took delivery of its 40th consecutive Van Hool coach, the company announced. 

Cross Country
Cross Country took delivery of its 40th Van Hool coach. (Cross Country)

Like all of Cross Country Tours’ over-the-road coaches, the newest Van Hool in the fleet is equipped with comfortable reclining seats, Wi-Fi internet, power outlets, and a wireless P.A. REI audio/video system with DIRECTV satellite. The coach also features a Saucon Touch satellite-tracking and telemetry system, as well as a Rosco Drive Cam System.

“Cross Country has had a great relationship with ABC Companies since 1994,” said Robert Johnson, Cross Country co-founder and CEO. “Because of the excellent service and superior product, we have been an exclusive Van Hool operator since our founding. As we are a family-owned and operated small business, we are happy to partner with ABC, as they also have been a family-owned enterprise for over 50 years,” 

Staying consistent across the fleet

Cross Country was founded by Robert and Elaine Johnson in 1994 and has grown into a full-service charter/tour operator with a sizable and exclusive fleet of late-model Van Hool coaches. All the Cross Country Van Hool coaches have been powered by a Cummins/Allison powertrain.

“Since the beginning, we decided to go with one powertrain option,” Johnson said. “We have found that the rugged durability of the Cummins/Allison powertrain and the prompt service provided by the local dealer is our best option. This allows us to have parts commonality across our fleet.” 

In addition to serving the Upstate region of South Carolina since the company’s beginnings, Cross Country has a large customer base in the South Central region of North Carolina, including the Charlotte metro market. 

Cross Country is a certified Department of Defense carrier and holds the highest rating from the FMCSA for passenger safety. Cross Country is a founding member of the Motorcoach Association of South Carolina and a longtime member and supporter of the United Motorcoach Association.


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