Colorado approves $451 million for road projects

DENVER — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law legislation to fund $451 million in state highway projects over the next two years.

The legislation calls for periodic transfers from the state’s general fund to the state highway fund to provide a stable source of revenue dedicated entirely to roads.

“The state has significantly decreased its contribution of general state revenue available in recent years to fund critical priority transportation infrastructure needs, and current transportation funding mechanisms do not provide adequate revenue to keep pace with the increasing demands on transportation infrastructure statewide,” according to the text of the bill.

Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford said CDOT is sifting through a long list of transportation projects to address throughout the state, which she said suffers a $9 billion transportation infrastructure deficit.

Such projects include the installation of passing lanes and guardrails on rural roads and highways, as well as expansion projects along Interstates 70 and 25.

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