From the CEO: New Look, Same Tradition

You’ll notice in a couple weeks that the August 1 issue of Bus & Motorcoach News has a new look. We’ve also refreshed our traditional content to a more modern mix, adding in more timeless feature stories, accenting more stories with photos and graphics and adding a stronger focus on keeping our readers engaged.

In an era when we get so much of our information online, though, the role of Bus & Motorcoach News still remains critically important to our members as part of a broad communications effort that uses traditional print, digital ( and regular email updates. Bus & Motorcoach News is still the flagship media brand in the motorcoach industry because it is the only publication that provides the “story behind the story.” We believe the changes solidify that tradition for many years to come.

Powered by the United Motorcoach Association, the Bus & Motorcoach News brand has been associated with high quality industry journalism since its inception in 2003, when the association contracted with Phoenix Trade Publications and founders Bruce Sankey and Johnny Steger, to produce a bi-weekly publication for motorcoach operators. One of the reasons it is remains relevant today is the journalistic chops of long-time editor and contributor, Hal Mattern and the industry knowledge of Johnny Steger who ran the advertising side of Bus & Motorcoach News. Together Hal and Johnny brought readers a publication that is considered required reading for owners, managers, and drivers as well as industry partners who do business with motorcoach companies and the broader industry. Hal recently announced his well-earned retirement. I hope all readers of the Bus & Motorcoach News wish him well and join me in thanking both Hal and Johnny for their contributions to UMA and our industry. They leave us a great foundation for the future along with some big shoes to fill.

So, it’s the beginning of a new era at Bus & Motorcoach News, and I am pleased to announce a new management team that will be led by editor Kim Schneider and VP Demand Creation Services (VPDCS). Kim brings a strong background in writing and editing both newspaper and travel publications, and VP DCS, located in Traverse City, MI, has a long track record of managing association publications to achieve greater readership and market reach for print and digital publications like ours. I believe our readers will be well-served by our new team and look forward to hearing your feedback about the fresh look and content Kim is bringing to you, both in print and on our digital platform, Success will in some ways depend on you, however. Please use to continue to share ideas on industry news and trends or just the things you’d like to read more about.

In this latest issue, you will find new features about people in the industry, people like UMA member June Bratcher, who shares in her own words some of her challenges and successes.  This issue also includes a look at the personal side of Ray Martinez, head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Don’t worry. He says he’s used to being the guy everyone loves to hate, but he also tells Bus and Motorcoach News that his goal is to be part of a field with so much education and cooperation that no one ever gets written up (and that he additionally is looking to take a long motorcoach trip to see the view from the driver’s seat).

We’re rolling out a new Touring section to give those of you with travel operations ideas on new destination possibilities, and we have a particularly heartwarming story about the generosity of a town in which Cline Tours stopped for a lunch break that no one on board will soon forget.

I feel confident you will enjoy and benefit from the fresh content and continue to look forward to receiving this important UMA member benefit, the Bus & Motorcoach News, in your mailbox.

—Stacy Tetschner

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