50% Less Downtime Compared to Traditional Motorcoaches

We are all aware of the phrase “Time is money,” but what does that really mean for commercial operators? The obvious scenario might look like a scheduled maintenance service, taking your coach out of operation and forcing you to look elsewhere for alternative transportation options for your business or organization. But imagine you’ve broken down on the side of the road, every seat filled with passengers excited about their destination. The logistics alone of getting your riders down the road will cause you nightmares, not to mention towing fees, transportation replacement, and dozens of unhappy customers.

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Unscheduled vehicle downtime is not only a maintenance issue, but also an accident-avoidance issue since, on average, 20% of a fleet’s vehicles annually incur downtime due to accidents. While many vehicle downtime events are unavoidable, downtime can be managed and minimized by adopting a proactive versus reactive maintenance program and by implementing a driver-based versus asset-based fleet safety focus.

With the Ultra Coachliner, downtime is reduced by 50% because there are thousands of maintenance centers nationwide and parts are much more accessible than a traditional motorcoach, which means more money in your pocket!

The Ultra CoachlinerTM DXL is the industry leader in uptime. This high-end motorcoach has the smooth ride, capacity, and luggage space of a traditional coach bus, at only a fraction of the acquisition cost.

Travel in comfort and style in the revolutionary bus that is changing passenger transportation throughout the US.

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