#1 in Customer Support – Here’s Why

When purchasing a motorcoach, considering the quality of service after the sale is critical. Our Coachliner team takes it very seriously, that is why our support & service is the best in the industry. We’ve modelled the Ultra Coachliner® White Glove 24/7 Service Program after luxury vehicle dealers to give you 5 star service. We know that you aren’t just buying a bus, you’re buying the support behind it. When you compare the Ultra Coachliner to any other motorcoach on the market, you’ll find that it has all the same features as a traditional motorcoach.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • Have you ever called your motorcoach service center and waited days for a call back?
  • Called your motorcoach OEM about a needed part, only to be told the part is on back order with no estimated date of arrival?
  • Found out they couldn’t get you in for repairs promptly?
  • Generally, you’ve found that any issue with the OEM is a bad experience and you dread the day you need support, parts, or assistance?

White Glove service

When developing the Ultra Coachliner, our focus wasn’t only on building a better bus, but also offering a better customer experience. So what does our White Glove 24/7 Service Program look like?

  • The friendliest, most helpful support after the sale
  • 24-hour service locations
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Factory-certified technicians
  • Warranty service with thousands of repair centers nationwide
  • Large inventory of most parts in stock and ready to ship

The Ultra Coachliner is the industry leader in service and support. This front-engine motorcoach has the smooth ride, capacity, and luggage space of a traditional coach bus, at only a fraction of the operational expense.

Learn more at coachliner.com and ask about seeing the Ultra Coachliner on our National Bus Tour!

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