Compare the Ultra Coachliner® DXL to Traditional Motorcoaches

When it’s time to upgrade or add to your fleet, many operators want nothing but the best for their passengers. The problem is that “nothing but the best” typically costs much more than most operators want to invest. Enter the Ultra Coachliner DXL, with a lower cost of operation to own and operate than a traditional motorcoach.

Ultra Coachliner

With the Ultra Coachliner DXL, there are many advantages compared to traditional motorcoaches, such as:

• Lower maintenance expenses

• Significantly less acquisition costs

• National repair and warranty center availability

• Less downtime

• Easy access to parts

• Reduced insurance costs

• Improved fuel savings

• Reduced toll charges

Higher operating costs are affecting operators all over the globe. The Ultra Coachliner DXL provides savings on operational expenses that are approximately 50% of the cost of traditional motorcoaches. The design of this front-engine coach bus presents many additional opportunities to save. One of the more obvious features is that it only has two axles, fewer tires and brakes to replace, lower toll fees, and fewer underbody parts on the chassis to maintain. With improved fuel economy and lower insurance premiums, The Ultra Coachliner DXL is hard to beat. With up to 556 cubic feet of luggage capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for your passengers’ equipment – including suitcases, sports gear, souvenirs, shopping bags, and much more. The Ultra Coachliner boasts as many as 6 under bay and 2 pass-through compartments, and overhead storage space for every seat on this front-end coach.

Savings are huge on maintenance. Access to thousands of warranty centers nationwide provide a larger pool of qualified technicians to service the bus. This equates to a shorter distance to get your bus serviced, and lower labor fees at any medium to heavy duty truck service center. The Ultra Coachliner DXL diagnostics are less complicated, parts are easily available, and the engine is easier for mechanics to access.

The Ultra Coachliner DXL’s Full Air Ride Suspension System with ride control, makes for a comfortable ride. Smart engineering means operators, and their passengers, get a quiet and cushioned ride, reducing fatigue and the possibility of roadside downtime.

With the rising prices of fuel across the country, along with maintenance and downtime, operators are struggling to re-imagine ways to save money in their day-to-day operations. To help operators like you battle these costs, the Ultra Coachliner stands out amongst traditional motorcoaches as a better, more cost-efficient alternative, without sacrificing the high-end luxury you expect to provide your passengers.

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