Volvo buses with Amaya seats recalled

A recall of 34 buses equipped with Amaya seats has been issued to upgrade seat belt attachments, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced.

The recall applies to 2018-2020 Volvo 9700 buses manufactured with Amaya STELAM ABC 19, STELAM OMEX-17 or STELAM OMEX-18 passenger seats from June 21, 2017, through April 11, 2019.

“The passenger seat belt attachments may not be sufficient to anchor the seat belts and restrain the seat occupants in the event of a crash,” stated the NHTSA recall letter, which said Volvo will add reinforcements to the affected seats without charge.

The issue was described as “design related.” NHTSA reported that, “There have been no reports of any seat belt issues and no reports of personal injury associated with this non-compliance.”

The issue was discovered and reported to the government by the Volvo Product Safety Committee.


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