UMA renews call for operators to get on charter service registry

The United Motorcoach Association is urging owners of bus and motorcoach companies to sign up for the Charter Service Registry. Participation shows Congress that the Charter Service Rule, which protects private companies from competing against local transit, is important for the industry. 

Currently, 439 companies are listed on this site.

For years, Ken Presley, UMA’s Vice President of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs & Industry Relations/COO, has been an advocate for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) registry.

“If you are not registered, you can neither use the charter service regulation to prevent a public transit from taking a charter nor file a complaint,” Presley said. “The regulation is there for your protection — register!” 

Dwindling participation in the FTA’s Charter Service Registry could put the program in jeopardy, Presley said, adding he thinks the list should include closer to 2,000 operators. 

He also reminded those who are registered that they need to ensure their information in the registry is up to date and not use any old emails since staff can change. 

Private operators must register on a biannual basis. Otherwise, they will no longer receive notices after their registration expires. The Charter Registration Tool allows private charter providers to receive notices of upcoming charter opportunities.


Why operators should sign up for Charter Service Registry

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