UMA launches recruiting partnership with Kelly Anderson Group

The United Motorcoach Association is rolling out a new program to help UMA Members more effectively recruit qualified drivers — and retain them, as well.

The program was announced by UMA President and CEO Larry Killingsworth and Jeremy Morrissey, Client Solutions Director with the Kelly Anderson Group (KAG), during the UMA Town Hall on Sept. 16.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson is well-known as a recruiter in the trucking industry and its philosophy is to become an extension of the operator company it’s serving. KAG offers start-to-finish recruiting, from creating and running ads to following up on leads within five minutes. Next, team members pre-qualify and track candidates. 

The five-minute response time, Morrissey said, is critical. “Whoever answers that lead first,” he said, “is usually the winner.”

Morrissey said the program can be tailored to a company’s individual needs and KAG can even help recruit for positions other than drivers. A favorable feature of the program is that it is month-to-month, and not something that requires a long-term commitment.

A hallmark of the program is how the company’s recruiting team works completely under the guidelines set up by each individual client. 

“We are an extension of your company,” Morrissey said. “We create and produce an advertising plan that is approved by the client. All ads will be specific to each client and will be placed on Craigslist, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Facebook and Tenstreet. Each lead will be directed to our recruiting department and answered by our recruiting team.”

Multistep retention plan

When a lead arrives, the recruiting team will pre-qualify it based on a client’s individual requirements. If the lead meets those requirements, KAG will obtain all necessary information to get a full application.

“Once a full application is completed, we will hand the lead off to your recruitment department or the person of your choosing.”

KAG also provides an affordable multistep retention program for drivers that can effectively keep drivers on the job. The company doesn’t use robocalls or texts to engage with drivers, but reaches out with “real people on real phone calls.”

Applicant Tracking System

The company can also follow up with the lead, within a time frame of the client’s choosing, to make sure they have been contacted and the process is continuing, Morrissey added.

“Our recruiting department has an Applicant Tracking System that keeps track of all applicants,” he said. “Each individual client has their own tracking environment where their leads will reside. We do not share leads or cross-pollinate. Each lead belongs to you.”

The company offers monthly agreements that can be canceled within 30 days with written notice at any time.

“We believe if we are not earning your business each month, we don’t deserve to keep your business,” Morrissey said. “The base program is designed exclusively for UMA and should cover the majority of UMA Members.”

Learn more by watching the Town Hall session, or contacting Scott Price of Kelly Anderson Group.


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