Terrorism prevention expert selected as speaker

David Cooper has been announced as the speaker for the Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association meeting Oct. 11. Cooper,  industry engagement manager for Highway and Motor Carrier at the Transportation Security Administration. Cooper will share ways operators can enhance security, planning and training against potential threats. The TSA’s Highway and Motor Carrier Section is responsible for security in the over-the-road bus community, working directly with associations and operators to reduce the likely hood of terrorist attacks against the industry.

Mr. Cooper has also recently worked with the European Union and Asia Pacific Economies to share critical mitigation strategies and assist in developing strategies and priorities to be used by partner governments and private industry to enhance their overall security planning efforts.

Prior to joining TSA in 2004, Mr. Cooper spent ten years in the private sector as an Operations Manager for a large manufacturing and shipping company in Virginia.  Mr. Cooper completed his Master’s Degree in Intelligence and Terrorism Studies at American Military University and a Master’s program in Leadership at American University as well as holding undergraduate degrees in Management and Chemistry.

The Annual Member Meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2018, at Bally’s in Atlantic City.

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