Temsa issues voluntary recall for emergency exit labels

Temsa is sending recall notices to operators of 711 motorcoaches manufactured for the 2013 to 2020 model years because “operating instructions of the push-out window labels may be inadequate to open the emergency exit rapidly.”

The voluntary recall, announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is believed to affect 89 percent of the TS35C, TS35E and TS45 motorcoaches built during those model years.

According to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, “Each emergency exit door shall have the designation ‘Emergency Door’ or ‘Emergency Exit,’ and every other emergency exit shall have the designation ‘Emergency Exit’ followed by concise operating instructions describing each motion necessary to unlatch and open the exit, located within 16 centimeters of the release mechanism.”

Because instructions on the labels are inadequate, according to the notice, “Passengers may spend extra time to open the push-out window.”

Temsa will provide replacement labels. NHTSA noted, “To date, no accidents, no injuries, no fatalities have been reported.”


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