TEMSA focus on North American customer continues with TNA 2.0

With four models built specifically for the North American market, TEMSA North America continues to grow its market share. The key to the company’s continuing success is taking care of the customer with sales, customer services, parts support, and financing.

Fatih Kozan

Writing a new success story in the market with the TS30, TS35, TS45, and electric TS45E models targeted for the needs of the North American customers, TEMSA has increased its market share in the coach segment despite the challenging operating conditions.

“Today, the four vehicles we offer to the North American market represent the best examples of TEMSA’s advanced technology and sustainability approach. The vehicles were developed for the market by considering varied factors such as driving safety, comfort, customer experience and cost of ownership,” said Fatih Kozan, Director of TEMSA North America (TNA).

The company also recently introduced TEMSA Financial Services, which has streamlined the purchasing process with flexible finance solutions developed under the umbrella of TEMSA. As TEMSA continues to offer its high-tech vehicles to its customers under the most favorable conditions, it also offers financing plans that can reduce the burden of increasing interest costs for its business partners.

Keeping up with customer needs

The North American market has an especially important place in TEMSA’s global journey, and key to its growing market share has been the relationships developed with customers. TNA 2.0 puts those customers’ needs in the forefront by closely monitoring the dynamics of the market and putting the appropriate applications into operation as quickly as possible.

“We manage the customer experience in a wide range from vehicle development to sales processes, and from after-sales services to satisfaction surveys,” Kozan said. “We integrate the requests of our customers and business partners into our services, considering the market dynamics. And we are constantly improving ourselves in these areas. Now, again with our customers, we are starting the TNA 2.0 era. We believe that together with all our stakeholders in the market, we will write a much longer-term success story together,”  Kozan said.

TEMSA, which operates in nearly 70 countries around the world with 35,000 vehicles built, entered the North American market in 2010. TEMSA North America (TNA), a 100% subsidiary, was established in 2018 and continues TEMSA’s activities in the region today.

TEMSA launched the fully-electric TS45E specifically for the North American market after successful tests in Silicon Valley, increasing the number of vehicles it offers to four, including the redesigned TS30, TS45 and TS35.


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