States now can administer CDL tests to non-residents

WASHINGTON — State driver licensing agencies will be allowed to administer commercial driver’s license tests to individuals from another state, according to regulatory guidance issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The guidance also allows the agencies to accept commercial learner’s permit applications for residents of another state.

“Today’s guidance makes clear that state driver licensing agencies may accept applications for commercial learner’s permits and administer the general knowledge test to individuals taking commercial motor vehicle driver training in that state, but who are not domiciled there,” FMCSA said.

The guidance is an extension of an October 2016 rule allowing states to accept CDL applications from active-duty military personnel stationed there.

Trucking groups responded to that rule by requesting that it be extended to include all drivers, not just military personnel.

“While today’s guidance is in answer to general knowledge testing as addressed in FMCSA regulations, we note that this regulatory guidance is consistent with the agency’s Oct. 13, 2016, final rule, which amended the CDL regulations to ease the transition of military personnel into civilian careers (as commercial drivers),” FMCSA said.

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