Spader Business Management creates new UMA Development Group 

Spader Business Management is synonymous with its annual UMA Motorcoach EXPO presentations that offer a fresh and timely outlook on the motorcoach industry by introducing concepts and strategies that guide high-performing companies. 

Peter Shelbo

Spader is also known for its highly successful UMA 20 Group program for motorcoach companies. Since 1998, Spader has offered this dynamic peer program to UMA members who have used the tools, resources and relationships to better their companies financially and evolve as better leaders.

Now, the business consulting firm is launching a new Spader Development UMA 20 Group. This curriculum-based program offers the benefits of its traditional UMA 20 Group with less time, travel and cost to show how to create a high-performing motorcoach company.

“I am excited to facilitate this new group,” said Spader’s Peter Shelbo. “This is a terrific opportunity for an owner to increase their knowledge and confidence at running a high-performing business.”

Same information, lower cost

The new Spader Development UMA 20 Group will give roughly 10 companies an opportunity to go through the UMA 20 Groups process in a two-year program featuring a combination of Zoom and in-person meetings, reducing the cost of participation.

“This program has been in discussions for some time now, and we are glad to see it coming to fruition,” said UMA President and CEO Scott Michael. “Spader has a proven track record helping motorcoach companies reach improved profitability with UMA 20 Groups, and we have needed a similar venue for smaller fleet operators to take advantage.”  

Applications for the new group will be accepted until May 5. Only a few slots remain for the initial group. 

Participants will have three in-person meetings and five Zoom meetings during the two-year curriculum, significantly reducing their travel cost and time away from their business. They will, however, have access to the same benchmarking data as regular UMA 20 Group participants, and this data is exceptionally helpful in identifying methods to improve operator performance.

Ken Presley, UMA Vice President, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs & Industry Relations/COO, recalled a UMA Member’s comments shortly after joining a UMA 20 Group.

“Two things stand out,” the member told Presley. “First, I had no idea people were making that much money in the bus business. Second, when you are out there on your own, you are often questioning yourself. With UMA 20 Group, you are pleasantly surprised to find out a lot of things you are doing are spot-on, allowing you to spend time correcting the things you can do better.”  

The initial meeting will take place this summer at the company’s offices in South Dakota.


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