Salt Lake Express acquires Northwestern Stage Lines

Salt Lake Express has acquired Northwestern Stage Lines, a transportation company based in Spokane, Washington, and Boise-Winnemucca Stages in Boise, Idaho. 

The deal closed on Oct. 4 and includes a further expansion of routes and destinations offered by Salt Lake Express.

The two companies will join Salt Lake Express’ bus network, giving passengers the ability to book rides from Seattle to Las Vegas and many places in between. Currently, Northwestern Stage Lines/Boise-Winnemucca travels to more than 25 destinations, with connections to airports, Amtrak and intermodal bus stations.

Salt Lake
Northwestern Stage Lines has been acquired by Salt Lake Express.

Salt Lake Express hopes to honor the legacy created by these two companies and continue to provide the service that these regions have come to know and expect, said the company’s owner, Jacob Price. 

“We are thrilled about this new opportunity,” said Price. “These companies have been a transportation staple in the states of Idaho and Washington for many decades, and we couldn’t be happier to carry on their legacy.”

Upholding standard of service

Price said that it was important to keep Northwestern’s reputation and standard of service intact. He added that Salt Lake Express isn’t looking to come in and change everything about Northwestern Stage Lines and Boise-Winnemucca Stages.

“What they really hope to do is just continue to provide transportation solutions to the good people of Washington and northwestern Idaho while improving the customer experience through technology and better connectivity throughout the west coast,” Price said. 

Cleto Achabal, the longtime owner of Northwestern Stage Lines and Boise-Winnemucca Stages, says he’s proud of the company’s enduring commitment to its employees and customers.

Map shows the expanded service area for Salt Lake Express after its acquisition of Northwestern Stage Lines.

“I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a successful family company that’s been in business since the mid-1930s,” said Achabal. “I’ve worked with excellent employees and served amazing customers. We’ve always concentrated on the customer, one customer at a time, by keeping the basics in focus: providing a clean bus that’s on time and delivers a safe and uneventful trip.”

The biggest change customers can expect to see is the ability to purchase and manage their bus tickets online through an updated website.

“If there’s anything we can add to the already stellar reputation of these companies, it’s the ability to make routes more accessible,” Price said. “There are people in the region who rely on these buses and shuttles to get them where they need to go.”

In addition to these new routes, Salt Lake Express has recently added a direct route from Boise to Salt Lake as well as routes throughout eastern and southern Utah, hitting destinations like Moab, Vernal, and Blanding.


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