As Much Luggage Capacity as the Rest of your Fleet

The Ultra Coachliner™  DXL is competitive when it comes to the storage capacity of any other motorcoach on the market. This front engine motorcoach has the smooth ride, capacity, and luggage space of a traditional coach bus, at only a fraction of the acquisition cost. Your operational expenses are half that of any other motorcoach on the market. Commercial operators who have exchanged their traditional motorcoach for this front engine coach have seen an increase in contracts and have customers coming back, specifically for this bus.

With up to 556 cubic feet of luggage capacity, your passengers have plenty of room for all of their equipment – including suitcases, sports gear, souvenirs, shopping bags, and much more. Not only does The Ultra Coachlinerhave ample space for luggage from top-to-bottom and front-to-back, but your passengers will be at ease with accessible, LED-lit overhead storage space for every seat on this bus.  

Learn more at and ask about seeing the Ultra Coachlineron our National Bus Tour!

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