Prevost agrees to sponsor Bus Industry Safety Council

SAINTE-CLAIRE, Quebec — Prevost has agreed to sponsor the Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC) in the interest of advancing overall bus safety for all operators and bus and motorcoach passengers.

Under the umbrella of the American Bus Association, BISC is a collective of safety-minded individuals who embody every role of the bus and motorcoach industry, addressing every safety concern from shop safety and driver training to vehicle technology and regulatory compliance.

As part of the Volvo Group, Prevost heralds its safety mission as a core value and guiding principle. Building on its legacy, the Volvo 9700 coach continues to set the highest safety standards possible.

Advanced systems for driver assistance, high-efficiency brakes, seatbelts and world-class protective structures are standard Volvo safety features.

Manifested as Zero Accident Vision, Volvo’s definitive goal of its all-encompassing safety initiative is to ensure no Volvo vehicle is ever involved in an accident.

“We have always put safety first, as do the members of BISC,” said Michael Power, vice president of marketing for Prevost and Nova Bus. “It is in our DNA to plan and design vehicles that lead the industry in safety and protection. Our hope for our sponsorship of BISC is to help instill all bus and coach operators with a similarly robust safety philosophy.”

ABA founded BISC in 1999 as a forum for bus and motorcoach operators, safety directors, maintenance supervisors, OEMs, vendors and government agencies to focus on advancements in safe bus and motorcoach operations.

“Speaking for all BISC members, we greatly appreciate this tremendous boost Prevost brings to our efforts through its sponsorship,” said BISC Chairman Alan Smith, who is safety director at Greyhound Lines.

“Not only do we have the backing and support of a truly quality company that shares our vision, BISC is now in a position to grow and develop from Prevost’s vast safety research and resources,” Smith said.

ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso expressed his appreciation for Prevost’s sponsorship. “Prevost will not only help BISC grow its membership and reach new heights, the company will further establish itself as one of the pre-eminent safety leaders in the motorcoach industry.”

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