Prevost adds to health, safety arsenal with air purification system 

Prevost added an air purification option to its lineup of air filtration systems as part of the Prevost Clean+Care program to help operators ensure they are providing passengers with the safest transportation possible.

Atlanta-based customer Southeastern Stages Inc. is investing in air purifiers for its intercity scheduled service fleet to support passenger health and safety. 

Prevost introduced a new air purifier system to improve air quality.

“Preparing the interior of the coach by cleaning and disinfecting before and after each trip is customary, but the challenge was how to keep it clean during a trip,” said Brian Parker, Head of Operations for SES. “Introducing the air purification process, through which the air is regularly refreshed, ensures we provide a passenger environment that is as clean and safe as possible.”

The air purification system generates ions, which attach to particles suspended in the air inside the vehicle, increasing the weight of the particles and making them fall to the floor, where they can be cleaned and removed. It also filters out viruses, molds, allergens and germs, allowing riders to be more confident in their safety while in the coach.

While the air purifier is maintenance-free, coaches still must be cleaned on a regular basis, according to the guidelines in the Prevost Vehicle Disinfection Procedure, for the system to be fully effective. Air purifiers are available for Prevost X3 and H3 seated coach models, as well as Volvo 9700 models. 

“The air in a Prevost coach is replaced every five minutes,” said Eric DeGeorge, Customer Support Manager for Prevost. “We’re confident in the functionality of the air purifier system to improve air quality for drivers and passengers alike.”

Atlanta-based Southeastern Stages was founded in 1933.

Parker said the installation process was completed quickly and with little vehicle downtime. 

“We were pleased to discover it’s a fairly simple job,” he said. “A Prevost technician visited us here at our shop and trained our staff so they can perform the work in the future.”

Founded in 1933, SES has been a loyal Prevost customer for nearly 90 years. 

“The Prevost and Volvo family focuses on safety, so it makes for a great partnership,” Parker said. “We are committed to the safety of our customers, and the purification system is one very significant aspect of our overall safety philosophy.”

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