NJ authority commits to toll parity for private buses

The Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association shared good news this week about toll parity in the Garden State. John Keller, Executive Director of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority informed GNJMA on September 11, that a uniform bus discount of 40 percent will be applicable to both private and public buses traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

Notifying GNJMA members of the development, Executive Director Pattie Cowley said she was pleased to share positive news with members, after almost two years of effort from the association and its members. “Although they will not provide refunds on behalf of our members,” Cowley said, “the 40 percent discount represents an increased discount and reduced tolls.”

In his letter to GNJMA, Keller said, “After much review and consideration, the Authority determined that the uniform 40 percent discount for both publicly and privately operated buses applied on both the Parkway and Turnpike provides fairness, uniformity of treatment, transparency and compliance with the FAST Act, and will permit the bus industry to continue to offer reduced fares to its riders.”

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