New York Uber, Lyft drivers busted for HOS violations

Last year the New York-area Metropolitan Transit Authority caught 16 bus and train operators who were working as Uber and Lyft drivers during their mandated rest periods between shifts, according to the authority’s inspector general.

The report on 2018 inspections found that an operator once worked three consecutive shifts without the required eight hours of rest. On one occasion he had as little as two and a half hours of rest between official shifts.

The inspector found 15 operators were driving the for-hire vehicles without authorization. MTA said workers can get approval to work other jobs, but drivers are never granted that permission for safety reasons. Records from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission were used to track the drivers. One train operator drove 337 for-hire trips in an eight-month period.

The inspector reported that three of the drivers were fired, two resigned, one retired and the others were suspended without pay.


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