Megabus launches new service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Megabus is now offering four trips daily between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with additional travel options available to the California communities of Barstow and Riverside.

“Los Angeles to Vegas is a key route for Megabus,” said Colin Emberson, Vice President  Commercial for Megabus. “We’re thrilled to be building upon recent expansions to our network, and the timing is great with the one of the busiest travel seasons quickly approaching.  Our customers will be able to take advantage of this new route when planning their summer trips.” 

In addition to this newest expansion, earlier this month Megabus announced its return to California.  The company currently offers three trips daily between Anaheim, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.

New service in other areas

In April, Megabus also announced a partnership with Salt Lake Express, a popular shuttle service along the northern I-15 corridor.  This expansion offers service for 75 cities across Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, including daily trips to Boise, Idaho; Helena, Montana; Salt Lake City; and Las Vegas. 

Previously, Megabus expanded service on the East Coast.

In March, Megabus announced a new partnership with Burlington Trailways, based in West Burlington, Iowa, which expanded service to 48 cities, including trips between Chicago and 12 cities, Denver and 22 cities, Des Moines and 33 cities, Iowa City and 20 cities, Indianapolis and 22 cities, and Saint Louis and 11 cities. 

In December, Megabus announced a partnership with Peter Pan Bus Lines, one of the largest privately owned bus companies in the United States, to expand service between New York City and New England. 

Megabus offers city-to-city express bus service across North America. 

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