Krapf Bus Companies inks deal to acquire Birnie Bus Service

WEST CHESTER, Pa. — Krapf Bus Companies has acquired Birnie Bus Service Inc., a Rome, N.Y.-based school bus and transportation provider.

West Chester-based Krapf Bus is the largest provider of school bus transportation in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company also operates charter buses, para-transit vehicles and public transit routes in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Birnie Bus, which becomes the largest division of Krapf Bus, has more than 1,300 employees and operates 1,000 vehicles including school buses, transit and para-transit vehicles, and commercial motorcoaches.

The combined enterprise will have more than 3,500 employees and will operate 2,500 school buses for 70 districts across Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Virginia.

“Birnie Bus is a great bus company and a great fit for us,” said Blake Krapf, president and CEO of Krapf Bus Companies. “They are family owned and run like us. Their core values are much like ours. And they are widely recognized as being an excellent service provider. We are very proud to have them join the Krapf organization.”

Tim Birnie, president and CEO of Birnie Bus said, “It is important to me that Birnie Bus is in good hands — including our customers, our employees and our reputation. While I will be joining the Krapf board of directors in a more strategic role, I am delighted that the Krapfs will not only be taking charge, but will be taking Birnie to whole new levels of performance in the years ahead.”

The acquisition became effective on June 14.

“We are very proud to have Birnie Bus become part of the Krapf Bus family,” said Dale Krapf, chairman of the Krapf board of directors. “Birnie has a very strong management and employee team, a great customer base and a fine reputation. We expect a very bright future working together.”

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