How Bollman Charter Service built a multi-generational relationship with Rosen Hotels

For Todd Greenawalt, Rosen Inn International in Orlando feels like a second home. His family-owned Bollman Charter Service’s relationship with Harris Rosen began around the time the hotelier opened his first Orlando hotel. 

Bollman Charter Service is a fourth-generation company in Everett, Pennsylvania, halfway between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. Bollman’s great-grandparents, Stanley and Elda Bollman, started the business. They were also among Rosen’s first motorcoach operator customers.

This nearly 50-year relationship has endured through each subsequent generation. It continued with the Bollmans’ daughter, Margie Stultz, who took over the business when they retired. When Stultz retired, daughter Sherri Greenawalt took over with her sons, Todd and Troy Greenawalt. These days, Todd Greenawalt and his wife, are helping run the company.

Steering trips to Orlando

“We tried to steer our school trips to stay at Rosen’s hotel, and our company trips, of course. We’ve been staying there a long time, and it’s a wonderful property,” Greenawalt said.

A Bollman Charter Service motorcoach during a trip to Orlando.

The company usually has charters heading to Orlando in the spring and during Christmastime.

Often, these are school trips heading to Walt Disney World.

“It’s just an awesome place to stay,” said Greenawalt said. “They’re great to work with, always have been.”

Working together for four generations

All four generations of the company have worked with Paula Usrey, Director of Sales at Rosen Inn International-Rosen Hotels and Resorts Orlando.

“I’ve known Paula for most of my life. She’s been there since the early ’80s. My mom still deals with her, and my grandma used to work with her. And, before that, my great-grandmother did,” said Greenawalt. “She has been great to work with, always eager to help us in any way possible that we need.”

He remembers the extra effort the hotel provided years ago when he was a tour guide on a trip after a woman on the bus forgot to bring her birth certificate for a day trip to the Bahamas.

“Mr. Rosen’s secretary notarized paper for us so we could get her birth certificate down here. That was very nice and very accommodating,” Greenawalt said.

Eager to return

His last charter trip before the pandemic was a senior trip to Orlando. The passengers stayed at Rosen Inn International. 

“A day after we left, Disney World announced it was shutting down. Then the whole industry shut down,” Greenawalt said. 

He is looking forward to returning to Rosen International in the near future. 

“It’s just a great property, it’s wonderful. It’s my favorite property in Orlando. And it’s probably my favorite property because I have so many wonderful memories from my visits,” Greenawalt said.


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