Heard on the EXPO floor

“I’ve learned more about the industry in these few days at EXPO than the last few months since I bought my business. I come from a transportation base of tractor-trailers, and I thought I knew the rules and regs, but the coach industry is so different. It’s been fun but almost like a 24/7 learning curve.”

—Tony Pack
President, Gentry Bus
Knoxville, Tennessee


“This EXPO had a great turnout with a good cross-section of people. We interact with a lot of the carriers and insurance companies and provide solutions that help motorcoach operators get better insurance rates. We are busy, getting motor carriers coming by and asking us questions.”

—John Davis
President, Transport Safely


“I try never to miss EXPO, but if I can’t make it I send someone from my company. I like walking the exhibit hall and seeing the new ideas and innovations. I like seeing the limo-style coaches. I’m continuing to make an investment in these executive coaches because they have lower overhead and the inside looks like a limousine.”

—Mike Toye
CEO, MTI Limo and Shuttle
College Park, Georgia


“I love meeting all the vendors. I really had a fun time running around with the passport to get it stamped because it gave me an opportunity to get out to meet the people who are our sponsors. It’s been fun being here in Nashville this year. I really loved the keynote speaker and his hiring and retention ideas.”

—Michelle Gaydeski
Director of Training and Development, Northfield Lines
Eagan, Minnesota


“My favorite session was the one on apps. The speaker was very energetic, and some of the apps she shared, I didn’t know anything about them. I appreciate getting her book for free. This is my first EXPO, and I’ve learned a lot. People have been generous in sharing information and helpful things with us.”

—Yvette Brown
Co-owner, Easy Traveln (cq) Inc.
Greenville, North Carolina


“There’s no single benefit to EXPO. It’s the networking. It’s meeting new people. It’s reconnecting with old friends in the business and learning what they’ve done this year that has worked for them. The education sessions are fantastic. The show feels bigger this year than ever. It’s impossible to take everything in a day and a half. You always need just one more hour.”

—Cary Martin
President, Little Rock Tours and Travel
Little Rock, Arkansas

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