Florida tops list of deadliest highways in America

WASHINGTON – Florida is home to six out of the 10 most dangerous roadways, according to a survey of the deadliest highways in America.

The worst highway is US-1, a 544-mile stretch running along Florida’s east coast that over the past decade has seen 1,011 deadly crashes that accounted for 1,079 fatalities and a fatal crash rate of 2.8 incidents per million vehicles driven.

The statistics were included in a study of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Highway Administration data conducted by the Toronto-based telematics supplier Geotab.

Here is a list of the 10 deadliest highways in America according to their fatality crash rates, which are based on the number of fatal crashes over the last 10 years per million vehicles driven:

#StateHgwyIncid. per-milTotal CarshesTotal Fatalities
1FloridaUS-12.781011 fatal crashes1079 fatalities
2FloridaUS-412.16714 fatal crashes772 fatalities
3FloridaUS-272.13529 fatal crashes614 fatalities
4TexasUS-831.95268 fatal crashes336 fatalities
5FloridaUS-4411.77417 fatal crashes442 fatalities
6CaliforniaI-401.76116 fatal crashes136 fatalities
7ArizonaI-401.65249 fatal crashes293 fatalities
8TexasUS-871.59166 fatal crashes197 fatalities
9FloridaUS-171.58387 fatal crashes420 fatalities
10FloridaUS-981.57422 fatal crashes465 fatalities

Click here for the complete list of the most dangerous highways in america and an interactive map of the highways.


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