First Mini Coach Pavilion debuts at 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Nashville

(Alexandria, VA | August 7, 2019) The market for mini buses and executive coaches remains strong, according to a recent survey conducted by the United Motorcoach Association. Sixty-seven percent of private motorcoach operators responding to a survey about their fleet composition indicated that they own such vehicles, and that they plan to purchase more of them within the next 12 months.

Responding to this trend, the 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, January 19-23, in Nashville, will feature an all new Mini Coach Pavilion on the trade show floor. The Mini Coach Pavilion will allow motorcoach operators to fully explore the most innovative offerings in this vehicle class as they seek to expand, diversify and upgrade their fleets. Motorcoach EXPO is the largest private motorcoach trade show in North America, showcasing the broadest collection of full- and mid-sized coaches under one roof, along with the most innovative products and services for the industry.

“UMA Motorcoach EXPO is where private bus and motorcoach operators go to see and learn about the most innovative equipment each year as they prepare to upgrade, diversify and maintain their fleets,” according to Stacy Tetschner, President & CEO of the United Motorcoach Association. “Adding the Mini Coach Pavilion will empower operators to see even more vehicle options in one place. Mini buses and executive coaches allow operators to give the modern consumer flexibility in vehicle capacity and the latest onboard solutions for comfort, efficiency, and technology.”

More than 90 percent of attendees at the UMA show are decisionmakers who plan major purchases for additions to their fleet in the coming year, according to a survey of 2019 EXPO operator attendees. In that same survey, the average attendee at the 2019 Motorcoach EXPO indicated they expected to spend $1,009,682 in the coming year.

The survey results closely mirror UMA membership data that show 68 percent of members who share fleet information operate these smaller capacity vehicles along with the full-size coaches that are the bulk of their fleets.

A mini bus most commonly seats between 21 and 29 passengers and are sometimes called a mini coach, shuttle bus, or cut away. However, they are all essentially the same thing—a smaller version of the charter bus. The executive coach has similar seating capacity to a mini bus, but these vehicles are full sized coaches that are designed within as an office, lounge, or combination of the two. In addition, executive coaches are more likely to have restrooms and almost always have DVD/TV on board.

UMA Motorcoach EXPO

The UMA Motorcoach EXPO is the premier networking, education, and buying opportunity for private motorcoach operators. The 2020 EXPO, that will be held in Nashville, January 19-23, will attract close to 2,000 participants and is a global showcase of the latest equipment, products, and services for private motorcoach operators. EXPO provides operators with unique education and networking opportunities and hosts an International Driver Competition and the UMA Maintenance Competition. A highlight of the event is the Leadership Awards Celebration, honoring high achievers in the industry and winners of the skills competitions.

The Surveys

One hundred eighteen (118) Motorcoach operators completed an online survey about mini buses and executive coaches between July 30, and August 8, 2019. The 2019 UMA Motorcoach EXPO attendee survey was conducted between January 22, and February 1, 2019 with 114 respondents.

About UMA

The United Motorcoach Association is the nation’s largest organization exclusively protecting and promoting the interests and welfare of privately-owned bus and motorcoach companies. Members include motorcoach owners and industry suppliers. For more information about UMA, upcoming events, membership, and important legislative information, please visit .

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